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Social Security Workshop April 16 and 17 - Mulberry Creek Community Center Thumbnail

Social Security Workshop April 16 and 17 - Mulberry Creek Community Center

Join Us At One of Our Upcoming Social Security Workshops

In the spirit of National Financial Literacy Month, you (and your significant other) are invited to join us at one of our upcoming Social Security workshops at the Mulberry Creek Community Center. Register below:

Mulberry Creek Community Center Tuesday 4/16


Mulberry Creek Community Center Wednesday 4/17


Or you can call the office @ (770) 249-7424 to RSVP

Attend our Social Security workshop and learn how to maximize your benefits. Numerous publications say 3 out of 4 Americans leave thousands of dollars on the table. In 2023, more than 28 million retired workers received a reduced benefit because they collected early.

Nine out of ten people age 65 and older are receiving Social Security benefits. For 48% of married couples and 71% unmarried, Social Security makes up more than 50% of their income.

Coordinating your Social Security benefits with your overall retirement income strategy is crucial to potentially maximizing your retirement benefits.

Attend This Workshop And Learn:

  • How to avoid some of the most common mistakes when filing your Social Security Benefits.
  • When to claim your social security benefits to receive the highest income.
  • How to structure your retirement savings so you never have to worry about running out of money.
  • Potentially increase your lifetime benefits by tens of thousands of dollars.