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The Problem With Social Security Education In This Country Thumbnail

The Problem With Social Security Education In This Country

Several years ago, I had a mentor. A REALLY smart, super savvy guy...

One day we were sitting down talking about retirement, and he confessed that he made a decision with his social security that's going to ultimately cost his spouse over $200,000 in benefits she would have had if he had made a better decision.

I realized then that there was a problem in this country in terms of our education when it comes to social security. If somebody that sharp, somebody I really looked up to, got this wrong, then how would the rest of us fare when we had to claim our social security?

It became a mission for me to turn this situation around, and since then, I've taught classes about optimizing your benefit over 200 times. I've even written a book about it. My goal is to teach this information to 100,000 people.

To date, I've taught this info to right around 20,000 people --- so I’ve still got a lot of work left to do.

Here's the thing…  When we teach this information, it's rare that somebody doesn't find an extra $10,000, $50,000, $60,000, sometimes $200,000 of additional benefits that otherwise would have been left on the table in retirement.

Part of our proprietary retirement planning process helps people optimize their Social Security to get the maximum benefit available to them. You can learn more right here: https://richlifeadvisors.com/about/why-richlife-advisors