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It's not uncommon for a funeral today to cost $10,000 or more.

The loss of a loved one is not only one of the most difficult and emotional times anyone can face, but it can also become a costly financial hardship as well. While it may a difficult topic to think about, taking proactive measures to preplan can help remove unneeded stress for those you care about most.

Following your death, traditional assets, such as bank accounts or life insurance, will require a death certificate for your heirs to collect funds. In order to receive a death certificate, the funeral home must first be paid. This can leave your loved ones with the burden of covering immediate expenses out of pocket, including:

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Funeral planning and costs

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Travel costs

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Loss of wages for time off

...And More

With Beneficiary Liquidity Planning, we are able to set aside anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 to provide your heirs with tax-free access to funds when they need it most—within 24-48 hours after your death. There is no death certificate required, just a one-page claim signed by the funeral director.

  • Easy application for you
  • Easy claim process for your heirs
  • No legal fees
  • No waiting
  • Fixed growth account with no market risk

Complete our confidential questionnaire to take the first step in setting up your Beneficiary Liquidity Plan.

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