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RichLife Advisors is dedicated to being your go-to resource for information needed to make informed decisions about all aspects of retirement. Founder and visionary, Beau Henderson, has dedicated his life to helping others plan for theirs through his many bestselling books, serving as a local and national media resource, hosting educational events, writing regular blogs, and hosting weekly radio and podcast shows.

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[Barron's] It’s Complicated to Retire Abroad. Here Are 4 Considerations Before Diving In. Thumbnail

[Barron's] It’s Complicated to Retire Abroad. Here Are 4 Considerations Before Diving In.

One of our retirement planning clients is hoping to retire to Mexico. Her process was recently featured in Barron's. Retiring abroad is more complicated than you'd imagine. We've been working on her plan for about a year now. While she has been researching the social aspects of living in Mexico -- finding a community she likes, consulting with other expatriates, and renting a place for an extended stay, we are looking into factors that a retirement advisor normally wouldn’t have to consider: the country’s income-tax rates, property taxes, and currency conversions. And, there is a myriad of other considerations that need to be taken into account before the big move happens. The article gives some helpful tips that will help you get a good idea of the process and what to look for if moving abroad is something you're considering.

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[US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT]  How ERISA Impacts Your Retirement Thumbnail

[US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT] How ERISA Impacts Your Retirement

Do you know how ERISA impacts your retirement? Most people don't. It's an important Federal law that's helping to protect the retirement assets of more than 141 million American workers and their beneficiaries. One of the really important things ERISA does is help to ensure that employees who are contributing to a plan are protected. It requires employers and plan administrators to provide specific information to plan participants and act in the best interest of employees at all times. You can learn more about the other important things ERISA does to protect your retirement savings in this US News and World Report article I recently contributed to...

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[SoundDollar.com] How to Handle a Bear Market Thumbnail

[SoundDollar.com] How to Handle a Bear Market

Nerve-wracking is a good description of the stock market lately. We seem to be going through a period of pretty wild swings. Not surprisingly, most people are completely stressed out by seeing their 401(k) and IRA balances falling lower and lower. And, that's causing them to make fear-based investing decisions. In this recent Sound Dollar article, I'm sharing some of my thoughts about why that's the exact opposite of what investors should be doing right now and what folks can do to get on the other side of their fear.

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[Senior Planet by AARP] New Rules in Estate Planning Thumbnail

[Senior Planet by AARP] New Rules in Estate Planning

The Secure Act changed the rules for non-spousal inherited retirement accounts. Prior to its passage, beneficiaries of a non-spousal inherited retirement account could stretch out distributions from that account based on their own life expectancy. Now, non-spouse beneficiaries have 10 years to take the distributions after the original owner’s death. And, this change has created a lot of unintentional tax complications for the beneficiary. Recently I shared some of my ideas with Senior Planet about creating a distribution strategy to effectively navigate the tax brackets and avoid paying unnecessary taxes. You can learn more right here...

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[Private Wealth] Why Advisors Need To Address Clients' Non-Financial Needs Thumbnail

[Private Wealth] Why Advisors Need To Address Clients' Non-Financial Needs

One of the things that sets RichLife Advisors apart from other financial planning firms is that we go beyond traditional financial planning to help our clients determine what it means to live a rich life in retirement. Our goal is to provide our clients with a strategy that will guide them through retirement even in the midst of life’s unexpected events. And, we go even further by helping them address the non-financial aspects of their retirement. By understanding how relationships, experiences and purpose play a role in a fulfilling retirement, we believe we can help them to live their richest, most meaningful life -- now and through retirement.

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